5 Signs You’re Ready For A Rebrand

Branding is so much more than your logo or your business name. It’s your brand message. It’s how the world perceives your business. It’s important to always keep your finger on the pulse with regards to what is working for your business and what is no longer serving you! There is ALWAYS room for improvement as you grow, learn and evolve in your business. Your branding needs to stay true to this so that it is always a reflection of your business personality and values. If your brand is no longer aligned with you, your ideal target audience or what you’re all about you may struggle to communicate your core values to your potential customers. Often businesses start off with great branding but evolve and grow and can lose touch with their branding.

So, how do you know when it’s time for a revamp?

01. You’re not standing out from your competition
Branding is a big investment in your business and because of economical reasons, small business owners often turn to the premade logo or template. This could work, in the beginning for a short while but soon you may find yourself blending in or even looking to similar to your competition! If you are feeling like there is nothing about your brand that makes you stand out from the rest then it may be time to make that well-worth-it-investment and work with a professional who can create an authentic brand, suited to you and your target audience!

02. You only have a logo
Unfortunately, your audience won’t remember you from just your logo. People will remember you through how interacting with your brand makes them feel. They will remember your business vibe before a logo. A logo, no matter how beautiful it is, does not cover your tone, your message, the feeling created through colour, font or imagery. A logo on it’s own does not tell people what your values are, what you’re all about or what they can expect from you. A complete brand will create clarity on your business and appeal to your dream target audience.

03. You aren’t attracting your ideal client or are not sure if your current branding connects with your ideal audience
When you try and attract everyone you actually attract no one. You need to get your niche down and your branding needs to convey this.
Your branding should connect with your dream client and cover your personality and your values. When you work with a professional it is our job to dive into an intensive brand strategy session to create a brand that conveys your quality, worth, value and trustworthiness. It is our duty to merge your idea and what you love with what your audience wants and loves to create a genuine connection with your ideal target market because at the end of the day your customers are the ones paying your bills. Your brand needs to resonate with the people you want to attract!

04. Your business goals or services have shifted
Change in your business is inevitable. Maybe you’re trying to target a different audience, a more high-end clientele or maybe you offer different packages or services to when you first started. When your business’s vision changes, your branding needs to evolve as well or you could end up leaving your target audience feeling confused. 
A brand revamp could help you reinvent your business and create clarity so you can communicate your message in the right way again.

05. You feel disconnected from your brand.
Your brand is ultimately you. It needs to feel natural and you need to be proud of it. When you’re disconnected from your brand you may find yourself feeling slightly embarrassed to hand out your business card or send people to your website which in turn negatively affects your business because you’re not selling yourself with confidence!
You are more than likely doing most, if not all the work behind your business so when customers are interacting with your business they’re interacting with YOU! When you choose to make that investment and work with a professional you’ll be guided through the in-depth creative process and leave the collaboration with a brand that you love, one that works for your business and one that you WANT to show off to the world!

It is important to always feel confident and in tune with your business and your branding! If one or more of the above points resonated with you it may be time for a rebrand. At Meraki Design Studios we collaborate with you through in-depth brand strategies and research before even getting to the design. It’s not a quick little-slap-together logo but a cohesive brand that will aid you in your success. We want to see you succeed. We are your number one fan and we equip you with the tools and the resources to make your dream thrive! 

Does this sound like something you need? 
Get in touch, we’d love to help realign you and your brand so that it’s targeting all the right people, feeling like you and setting you up for all the success!