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Visualize your brand’s

highest self

and make the decision to start showing up as that

brand essentials

full brand suite

executive package

the design process

step 01


Our collaboration begins with a thorough discovery phase where I dive deep into understanding your brand, goals, and target audience.

step 02

Strategy & Development

Building upon the insights gathered, I develop a strategic design approach tailored to your brand’s objectives.

step 03

Creation & Refinement

With a clear design direction in mind, I bring the concepts to life, crafting captivating brand identities and visually stunning web designs.

step 04


Once the design concepts are finalized, we seamlessly transition into the implementation phase.

step 05


As we reach the final stages, we prepare for the exciting launch of your brand or website.

branding and graphic design studio

the brand essentials

This offering is known as the brand essentials because it focuses on capturing the essence of your core values and aspirations right from the inception of your business. Together, we embark on a journey to unveil your unique identity and determine the path you wish to pursue. By crafting a brand that resonates with your vision, we aim to attract the perfect audience for you.

Once you’ve completed our meticulous branding process, you will emerge with an authentic and unparalleled brand presence designed specifically to captivate your ideal audience. This package comprises the essential elements required to establish a solid foundation for your business, providing you with the confidence and clarity needed to propel your venture forward.

the full brand suite

This in-depth branding package is specifically crafted for conscious visionaries seeking intentional and bespoke designs. It offers a comprehensive branding experience that caters to businesses on the path to growth, aiming to enhance their company’s value and establish meaningful connections with their ideal clients. By investing in this experience, you position yourself competitively within your niche and pave the way for profitable growth in the years ahead.

The full brand suite delves deep into the essence of your brand. Together, we will formulate a brand strategy rooted in your unique narrative, values, and objectives. We will meticulously design an authentic brand identity that not only resonates with your ideal clients but also ensures your competitive edge.

After we’re done with our collaboration on your brand, you’ll leave equipped for long-term success. Combining our knowledge, we’ll clearly define your target audience and how to reach them through design decisions, your competitive niche, challenges that your ideal client is facing and how to solve their problems, as well as create a strategic visual direction that wraps it all up in a you’re-ready-to-up-level-bow! 

branding and graphic design studio
web design studio

the executive package

Experience the transformative power of intentionally handcrafted designs tailored for conscious visionaries through our executive package. This comprehensive offering seamlessly integrates branding (available in either the essential package or the full package) with a fully custom web design. At Meraki Design Studios, we possess the artistry to create websites that captivate at first glance and leave your ideal clients craving more. We understand that every business is one-of-a-kind, which is why each website we craft is meticulously tailored to suit your specific needs, desired features, and personalized customizations.

Upon completing one of our branding packages, you will emerge with a harmonious brand identity that genuinely reflects your essence and effectively communicates your message to your ideal clients. The next step is to use your branding to create a beautiful, user-friendly, and unique website that drives conversions. We will collaborate with you to structure and design a website that is exquisitely tailored to your business and your discerning customers, ensuring an unparalleled digital experience.

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