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Meraki Premade Brands Terms and Conditions

When engaging with our services at the Meraki Design Studios, you agree to the following terms and conditions for premade brands:

  1. Brand Purchase: By purchasing a premade brand from Meraki Design Studios, you acknowledge that the brand is semi-custom and will be tailored to your business. You understand that the brand may have been displayed on the marketplace for other potential buyers. However, our premade brands are only sold once. Once 

  2. Ownership and Usage: Upon purchase, you gain the right to use the premade brand for your business. However, Meraki Design Studios retains the right to showcase the brand in our portfolio.

  3. Modifications: Limited modifications are included in the purchase. Additional modifications may incur extra charges.

  4. Non-Exclusive: Premade brands are not exclusive. Meraki Design Studios may sell similar designs to other businesses.

  5. Payment and Refunds: Payment is required before access to the brand files. Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not provided.

  6. Copyright and Trademarks: You agree that Meraki Design Studios holds the copyright to the original design. You are responsible for checking and registering trademarks if necessary.

  7. Liability: Meraki Design Studios is not liable for any legal issues that may arise from using the premade brand. It’s your responsibility to ensure the brand aligns with your business values.

  8. Communication: Clear communication is vital for a successful brand customization process. Delays due to lack of communication are not the responsibility of Meraki Design Studios

By purchasing a premade brand from Meraki Design Studios, you signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions. For any questions or concerns, contact us at